Gamblers Home/Road Splits Under Derek Lalonde

The Gamblers take their 4-1-2 season record to Waterloo tonight and make a quick turnaround to Sioux City tomorrow night. Wondering how Green Bay has fared on the road (and at home) under head coach Derek Lalonde? Below is a comprehensive archive of the Gamblers’ home-road record splits since Lalonde took over prior to the 2011 regular season.

(Records updated through 10/18/2013)

-Alec Dopp

Green Bay Gamblers Home/Road Splits Under Derek Lalonde

Overall (2011-2014)
Home Record: 44-14-4 (.710 W%)
Road Record: 44-19-4 (.660 W%)

2013-2014 Regular Season
Home Record: 2-0-1 (.667 W%)
Road Record: 2-1-1 (.500 W%)

2012-2013 Regular Season
Home Record: 20-10-1 (.645 W%)
Road Record: 17-13-2 (.531 W%)

2011-2012 Regular Season
Home Record: 22-4-2 (.786 W%)
Road Record: 25-5-1 (.807 W%)




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